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2020 Annual Business Meeting Minutes

    Museum Association of Arizona
    2020 Annual Business Meeting Minutes
    March 23, 2020

     1.  Call to Order (Brenda Abney) – 10:03 AM
    This meeting was originally scheduled to occur as part of the 2020 Spring Conference. However, due to our venue cancelling all public events in their space due to coronavirus concerns, we postponed the meeting until the fall, with the date yet to be determined. The board decided to continue with the business meeting portion on this date as scheduled, but to do so through Zoom online conferencing software. In this way, new board members could start their terms immediately.

    2.  State of the Association (Brenda Abney) –
    Thanked all for attending the online business meeting. Mentioned our mission statement, our role in supporting Arizona museums, and the pillars of our strategic plan (areas of focus.) She shared some successes from each: our institutional membership drive, updating our website with the help of an APS grant, participation in museum advocacy efforts at the local, state, and Federal levels, and professional development opportunities including the planning for our Spring Conference. 

    3.  Approval of the 2019 Minutes  (Sherri Starkey) –
    Minutes were presented online. Michelle Reid moved to accept them as submitted; Tony Thibodeau seconded; motion carried unanimously, with no discussion and no abstentions.

    4.  Treasurer's Report  (Cherie Koss) –
    Janice Klein presented Treasurer’s Report on Cherie’s behalf. Explained the layout of our 2019 budget, with a Budgeted column and an Actual column and that the Budgeted amounts include ‘aspirational’ amounts for planned projects to be funded by grants. If no grant is received, the project is tabled. The result is that the totals for the two columns can be quite different. Our fiscal year is December to December. Tony Thibodeau moved to accept the report as submitted. Pam Levin seconded. Motion carried unanimously, with no discussion and no abstentions.

    5.  Board Election Results  (Janice Klein) –
    Michelle Reid – President
    Marcus Monenerkit – Vice President
    Sherri Starkey – Secretary
    Lindsay Benacka – Western Region Director
    Christine Brindza – Southern Region Director
    Nikki Lober – At Large Director
    John Bello – At Large Director
    Brenda Abney remains on the board as the immediate Past President

    Janice Klein said it looks like our board meetings will be virtual, through Zoom, for some time to come. She will send out updated board information and find a way to get board notebooks to the new board members. 

    6.  Thank You to Outgoing Board Members (Janice Klein)
    Thanked Bill Peterson, Past President; Tammy Snook, Western Region Director; and Amanda Schlueter, Central Region Director for their service. She would have normally given them certificates at this point in the meeting, but will mail them instead.

    Brenda took a moment to thank all the board members for their service over the last year and welcomed Michelle as our new President.

    7.  Adjourned - 10:38 AM

     At-Large – Lynn McRainey , otherwise passed unanimously

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