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Letter to the Illinois Governor and the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability

We are writing as leaders of the undersigned State Museum Associations, representing more than 30,000 museums and their communities across the United States, to express our concern at the proposed closure of the Illinois State Museum System.

As we are sure you know, these museums serve many critical functions to the citizens of Illinois.   In addition to the money that is put into the local and state economy through employment, purchasing, educational services and tourism, the State Museums also demonstrate the commitment that state government makes to the quality of life of its citizens.    State Museums serve as trusted sources of knowledge and research, vital resources for teachers and students, and the repository of the Illinois’s cultural and historical memory.   

From our experience in each of our own states, we know how important State Museums are to the health of other museums and their communities, providing leadership, practical assistance and inspiration to their colleagues.    

We very much hope that you will be able to work with the American Alliance of Museums, the Midwest Museum Association and the Illinois Association of Museums to find ways to keep the Illinois State Museum System open and fully operational for the benefit of the citizens of Illinois and beyond.

(Signed by 6 regional museum associations and more than 30 state museum associations)



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