Museum Association of Arizona


2013 Annual Conference

May 1-4, 2013

Tucson AZ

DoubleTree Hotel, Reid Park



Keeping Our Balance:

Innovation and Tradition



The theme of the 2013 Museum Association of Arizona Annual Meeting is “Keeping Our Balance: Innovation and Tradition.” Speakers and sessions will address how to build strong, progressive, and relevant institutions by honoring tradition, by taking an enlightened look at status quo, by creating supportive environments where new ideas can be introduced, and by developing and empowering leadership who can guide a process to implementation. Practically speaking, this means taking advantage of the enthusiasm and energy of youth, acknowledging the wisdom and experience of older staff, being on the cutting edge of new technologies, and making our institutions places where respect and trust allow open debate. Join us to learn what has worked well for others and share your organization’s tried-and-true practices--and your successful radical new ideas, as well!


Keynote Speaker



Nik Honeysett is Head of Administration for the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, administrating at the Museum’s two campuses in Brentwood and Malibu. Formerly, he lead the Getty's Web Group and, before moving to Los Angeles, he was Head of Production at Cogapp, a UK-based consultancy specializing in interactive and online multimedia for the cultural sector in Europe and the USA. He currently sits on the Boards of the American Alliance of Museums and the Balboa Park Online Collaborative.


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