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2011 Annual Conference

Pooling Our Resources: Collaboration and Connections




Museum Association of Arizona’s 29th Annual Meeting
Yuma, Arizona
April 13 – 16, 2011


Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.
                                                                     -- Ryunosuke Satoro


Two heads are better than one…many hands make light work…the whole is more than a sum of its parts…all these old axioms enthusiastically tout the benefits of teamwork, partnership, and collaboration. Pooling our resources optimizes services, broadens access to community support, provides an ever-larger audience for partnering institutions, and helps to preserve our cultural heritage. And, in this age of specialization, collaboration between organizations brings varied skill-sets together to create innovative solutions.

Museums and other institutions are rising to today’s challenges by devising innovative partnering methods to deliver information, maintain collections, and create joint-use facilities - to list just a few collaborative efforts.


Workshops and Sessions

Keynote Address: The Lone Wolf is Extinct by Wesley O. Brustad




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