Museum Association of Arizona


2019 MAA Spring Conference 

Arizona History Museum
Tucson AZ

Monday, March 18, 2019  

AccessibilityThe quality of being easy to approach, use, understand or appreciate

Assuring public access to museum collections and creating environments and programs that encourage high quality

experiences for all visitors

The MAA Silent Auction, held at the Annual Spring Conference, provides funds for Museum Association of Arizona membership services.  The funds help support professional development workshops, newsletters, special events, and other worthy MAA endeavors.

It’s time to start thinking about potential auction items that might be lurking on the top shelf of your closet. (We’ve all got treasures hiding somewhere!)  And it is also time to start talking with your gift-shop managers about what they might donate to our worthy cause. 
Please use the donation form below to let us know what wonderful items you’ll be donating. Please return it as soon as possible – March 11 at the latest – so that we can plan the Auction displays. It is best if all donations arrive at the silent auction site no later than 9 am on Monday morning March 18, 2019.

Also, note that we will be glad to make arrangements for getting your donations to the Conference. If no one from your organization will be able to attend, just contact us prior to the conference so that we may assist. 


Silent Auction Donation Form

(Please use a separate form for each item or group of items, i.e., a gift basket would be a group)

Contact Person: _____________________________________________________

Institution: _____________________________________________________

Individual: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

City, State, Zip: __________________________________________

Phone: _________ E-mail: _________________

Item: ________________________________________________________________ 

Suggested Retail Value: ________________________________

_______Item enclosed

_______I will the bring item to the Arizona History Museum by 9:00 a.m. on March 18th

_______I will send item to _________________

_______I need to have item picked up, call me at _______________________

Please email or mail this form to either

Michelle Prosser                                               Janice Klein
Arizona Heritage Center                                    MAA
1300 N. College Avenue                                    PO Box 63902
Tempe, AZ 85281                                             Phoenix AZ 85082
Office: 480-387-5363                                       Cell: 312-310-9798                               

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