Museum Association of Arizona


Museum Association of Arizona 

2016 Operational Plan


Central Theme: CONNECTING

Keyword: HUB



Professional Development



Increase membership to MAA by identifying museums that are not members and recruit 

Form targeted work-groups to accomplish specific tasks 

Diversify funding by looking for grants, sponsors and donors 

Learn more about our members. 

Create a targeted budget

Be the connectors of content and resources for museums in AZ 

Continue Conference 

Connect Regional and other museum related groups 

Connect to content offered by others (Watch & Talk, AASLH On-line conference, How-to) 

Create blog posts that recap sessions at conference

Establish an effective information sharing system for members. 

Website (hub of information) Check current capabilities; Review and Revise; Improve and promote. 

Brochure - add member museum benefit type 

Use Social Media

Newsletter & email communication - find out communication preferences 

Create MAA business card

Offer “how to…” effectively communicate the value of museum to community

Obtain economic impact information

Develop small museum advocacy checklist

Participate in: Arts Congress; Museum Day; Arizona First.

Foster regional connections

Reach out to tribal communities and other advocacy groups

Create strategy for AZ museums at federal, state and city levels


Review staffing solutions (staff, board, interns, volunteers, members) Foster effective partnership



Interns, contributors, hosts; information about P.D opportunities; develop conference planning handbook


Google grant; Member survey, Communication Plan 


Economic impact survey; assess current surveys

Note: Items in bold are MAA priorities for 2016- 2017.

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